GTA 6: An 18-Year-Old Hacker With an Amazon Fire Stick Was Responsible For Last Year’s Leaks

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The authorities have finally traced the person responsible for the infamous GTA 6 leaks that came to the fore last year!

Last year, a bunch of videos from Grand Theft Auto 6 got leaked on the internet. Though these leaks featured an early build-up of the game, they got GTA fans extremely excited as they were getting to see something pertaining to the game after a long time. Now it has been found out that these leaks happened through the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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As per a report published in BBC News, this particular crime was committed by Arion Kurtaj. The individual, as per the report, got his hands on the 90 unfinished gameplay clips and downloaded them with the help of an Amazon Fire TV Stick. The person, who is 18 years of age, has been detained by the police and one has stumbled upon some interesting details about this widely reported incident through his trial.

While breaching the server of Rockstar Games is a serious crime, it is not the first crime committed by the accused. According to the report compiled by the police, Arion had committed two similar crimes in the past. A while back, he had tried to access the servers of two tech giants. What one must add here is that this individual commits such crimes with limited tools at their disposal.

A BBC News report describes the crime committed by the youngster in detail. Before breaching the server of Rockstar Games, Arion had accessed servers controlled by Nvidia and BT and EE. The hacker, as the police has discovered, is a part of a group named Lapsus$. Anybody, who is a part of Lapsus$, commits crimes on behalf of the group.

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Once the Nvidia breach was carried out, Arion was arrested for the second time. At that time, he was put in a Travelodge Hotel based in Bicester. Owing to certain safety issues, the hacker was kept in a hotel. He was restricted from engaging in any activity which involved internet usage.

The hacker, however, did not adhere to the restrictions imposed on him and ended up procuring an Amazon Fire TV Stick along with a new keyboard, mouse and smartphone. While carrying out hacking-based activities, Arion was nabbed by a team representing the City of London Police.

Arion has been charged with breaching the server of Rockstar Games using unlawful means and stealing a bunch of unfinished gameplay clips featuring content from GTA 6. He was audacious enough to send a message to the employees at Rockstar Games on their official stack channel and threaten to get the GTA 6 clips leaked on the internet.

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