Minecraft: The 3D Sandbox Game Might Just Get a Full-Fledged New-Gen Upgrade

Minecraft: The 3D Sandbox

A new-gen upgrade would result in players getting rid of all the limitations they are facing with the game right now!

Minecraft fans had been waiting for a new-gen upgrade for a while. There had been instances in the past when one almost thought that the game was getting a new-gen upgrade but that didn’t happen. A new upgrade, fans believe, would spruce up the game considerably and make it accessible to a larger number of players.

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Recently, fans stumbled upon a new rating for an Xbox Series X/S version of Minecraft: The 3D sandbox game. This has led them to believe the release of a new-gen upgrade is around the corner. After the story leak incident with Starfield that happened recently, Bethesda has been very cautious about things. Most of the time, leaks hamper the overall gaming experience for players. However, there are times when a leak leads to fans getting more excited about an upcoming title or update.

A couple of days ago, Andrew Maro, a writer associated with Video Games Chronicle, uploaded a screenshot featuring an Xbox rating for Minecraft on the video games rating board of Germany referred to as the USK. This information points towards Xbox planning to come up with a version of the game that would be compatible with new-gen consoles. This would ensure that players wouldn’t have to be dependent on backward compatibility.

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For Xbox players, Minecraft has offered a very smooth experience so far. However, they also face a lot of restrictions because of playing the game’s Xbox One version. Once an upgrade comes through, players would have to deal with fewer limitations. It could offer players a far more immersive and visually enticing experience.

At the moment, the news about the new-gen upgrade is nothing more than a rumor. Therefore, one must keep one’s expectations in check. A new rating, however, serves as an indicator of a new-gen upgrade being on the way.

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