GTA 6 Insider Claims The Much-Awaited Game Will Be The Most Expensive Entertainment Product Ever

GTA 6 concept maps

Rockstar Games seems to be leaving no stone unturned to ensure GTA 6 emerges as one of the best gaming titles of all time!

The hype around Grand Theft Auto 6 is increasing with each passing day, and the recent claim made by a GTA 6 insider adds more fuel to the fire. While there is no clarity on when GTA 6 will release, one is pretty sure about the fact that the game will create a lot of noise upon its launch. While several aspects pertaining to GTA 6 have been discussed extensively, fans have been quite curious to know about the money being spent on the game.

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Several leakers and insiders have confidently asserted that GTA 6 will be one of the biggest open-world games to have been made in the history of the gaming industry. With strong rumors about Vice City being the primary location of choice in the game, the anticipation for the game continues to get stronger with time.

According to recent GTA 6 insider reports, Rockstar is spending huge money on developing the game. When the game releases, as per insiders, it will set a new benchmark in the gaming industry. While this update was first shared by a hacker, it was picked up by a lot of fans after a Twitter account with the handle @GTAVInewz shared this news. The tweet read, “GTA 6 will reportedly cost $2 billion and has been in development since 2014, making it the most expensive entertainment product of all time as Rockstar is determined to set new standards in the industry”.

Since the game is being mounted on a huge scale, one is quite certain about the fact the development process started a few years back. Since Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive had earlier said that they are aiming for perfection when it comes to the visual design of GTA 6, one has another reason to believe that the company will not be resorting to any cost-cutting measures while putting the game together.

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While some fans believe $2 billion is not the kind of money Rockstar will spend on GTA 6, one must not forget that GTA happens to be one of the most successful franchises of all time. According to gaming experts, GTA 6 could earn as much as $1 billion in the first week of its launch. If Rockstar, just like everybody else, is certain about the success of the game, it wouldn’t mind spending big on it.

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