GTA 6 Battle Royale Mode – Can it Support 100 Players or More?

GTA 6 The doomsday heist

Rockstar is tight-lipped about GTA 6 and the possibility of a Battle Royale mode in it.

Considering the fact that GTA Online is one of the most popular multiplayer games out there, it wouldn’t be surprised when the development team makes an official announcement. After all, with millions of players enjoying the game’s multiplayer in the current generation, it makes a lot of sense to include it in the new generation consoles and PC.

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Following the tradition of launching their game on a new generation console, GTA 5 is heading to PlayStation 5 when it gets launched in winter 2020. The game is going to get some advanced graphical improvements, making it a worthy launch on the next-generation console. The majority of gamers are not so hyped about this because Grand Theft Auto VI is what anyone would want to know about. As always, the developers and publishers are not going to reveal any details except for the many leaks we have been seeing so far.

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Battle Royale Mode in its Own Style

GTA 6 as a game is not a first-person shooter or a combat-oriented title. However, guns have always played an important role in all Grand Theft Auto titles ever since its inception. Searching for more weapons, playing as a team and competing against other teams was already established in GTA Online missions. The same has to be ported into the Battle Royale mode where at least 100 players will be pitted against one another in both solo and team-based survival games.

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With Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare receiving a massive response for its Battle Royale mode, it is not a surprise that players would expect GTA to have the same on launch. With no word on an official launch date, we can still confirm that BR gameplays will be prevalent when GTA 6 gets officially announced. The game’s massive maps are an amazing fit for such a game mode because you can explore for hours collecting weapons and survival items until the huge face-off takes place towards the end of the circle.

Besides, Motor Wars on GTA V further made sure vehicles could add up to the fun quotient which is what will happen if a BR mode is introduced in the upcoming title. Rockstar is known for ushering in innovative gameplay modes and have lots of players online at once would definitely help make money as well as keep the online community active for years to come, especially when cross-platform gameplay is enabled.

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