GTA 6 Beta Found on Social Media Turns Out To Be a Fan-Made Concept

GTA 6 online Gameplay

Most of the fans have figured out that the GTA 6 beta floating around the internet is not genuine!

Recently, GTA fans stumbled upon something on social media that was supposedly a GTA 6 beta version. An X user, who identified themselves as Jason (@JasonFromGTAsix), shared a video of this GTA 6 beta version on their profile and stated that it was leaked from the PlayStation 5 console. While some fans believed in the claims made by the user, many did not find these to be genuine.

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This GTA 6 beta video, in reality, is a fan-made concept which was initially posted way back in April 2024. It has been found out that it is being shared by some users with a misleading title to get more engagement on their posts.

The aforementioned video was shared by X user Jason on 11 June. While sharing the video, they claimed that it was a new GTA 6 leak. In the video, one could see GTA 6 on a PlayStation 5 system. While the user confidently asserted that it was a GTA 6 beta version, a Community Note pointed out that this particular account often posts fake content and information. The Community Note further stated that this happens to be a concept put together by CHRI TV on YouTube.

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The original video is from a YouTuber known as CHRI TV (YouTube/@chritv4417). The YouTuber has a reputation for putting together concept videos for different video games. Below is the video which the YouTuber uploaded on April 26, 2024.

The GTA 6 concept video looks very appealing to the eyes. It is interesting to note here that the YouTuber used one piece of artwork on different screens. In the game’s official version, things might play out differently.

Though the concept video has its merits, it is quite unfortunate that it is being shared in the form of a GTA 6 beta leak. A majority of GTA fans, thankfully, have been able to see through the claims made by the X user and realized that it is not a GTA 6 beta version.

In the last two years, Rockstar Games has witnessed several GTA 6 leaks. Leaks, needless to say, have been a major cause of concern for the gaming studio. Rockstar has consistently worked towards tightening its security measures to ensure such leaks do not occur in the future.

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