GTA 6 Leaks Reveal Fresh Information About The Game’s Console Version

GTA 6 online Gameplay

A GTA user has shared some important details pertaining to the console version of the game.

In the recent past, one has come across several GTA 6 leaks. Newly emerged leaks showcase several important details pertaining to the gameplay of GTA 6 and the first official trailer of the game. An X user, who goes by the handle @Mvbrr on X, shared a thread on their profile and shed light on the different elements of data sourced out from the project. The user also made it clear that the information derived by them were from GTA 6’s console version.

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X user mvbr, on June 10, 2024, shared the GTA 6 leaks thread and shared some important technical and gameplay details from the game’s console version. The post lists the technical features that GTA 6 could come equipped with. The features listed above are FSR, global illumination, DLSS, HDR, ambient occlusion, shadow rasterization, SSR, ray tracing and denoiser.

The user, via a follow-up tweet, said that the ray tracing feature might now always be functional in the game. The tweet, when translated from Portuguese to English, read “there are times when ray tracing will not work, due to optimization. This will count on the help of screen space technologies, as well as Screen Space Reflections/denoiser.”

When GTA runs on 60 FPS, the community would look forward to an improved gameplay experience. These are not the kind of expectations mvbr has though. According to them, players might not have a better gameplay experience when they run GTA 6 on 60 FPS. They believe that GTA 6 is currently running at 1440p with RT at 30 FPS.

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The online user also revealed some other information about GTA 6 that could be of some interest to the fans. According to the information provided by them, Rockstar has taken inspiration from shows like Narcos, Blows, Brasco, The Place Beyond of The Pines, Bad Boy For Life, Queen & Slim and Shottas.

Another important thing stated by mvbr is that Rockstar has tightened the security around GTA 6 ever since the GTA 6 trailer leak. This was bound to happen as a reputed gaming studio would not want such incidents to happen repeatedly.

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