GTA 6 Leak Indicates Thunderstorms Being a Part of Gameplay Content

GTA 6 Leak

The blurry image, which has been upscaled by a fan, offers some idea about the weather dynamics one could expect to see in the GTA 6 game.

After the launch of its first official trailer, GTA 6 seems to be in a good position. Fans, who had been waiting anxiously to get some official update from Rockstar Games, finally have some idea about how the game will look and feel. Now that the development team at Rockstar Games is busier than ever working on GTA 6, one does not expect it to share any updates in the near future. Fans are again relying on leakers and insiders to keep them in the loop about the developments pertaining to the game.

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Recently, a RockstarNorth insider, who identifies themselves as @GTAVIGosssip, offered fans another GTA 6 leak to ponder upon. They shared a blurred screenshot that seems to have been derived from a Rockstar North Games Tools Programmer. This screenshot seems to be revealing some information about the much-awaited game.

Owing to the image quality of the screenshot, it is a little difficult to figure out everything that is a part of it. However, from whatever one could read, the screenshot seems to be making references to 40 hours of ‘JL’ and the inclusion of thunderstorms in the game. Fans believe the JL stands for Jason and Lucia, the two protagonists in the game. These two protagonists, as fans would be aware, have already been shown in the official trailer of the game.

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The screenshot shared by the leaker has got the online GTA community buzzing. This is yet another GTA 6 leak that has resulted in many fans coming together and talking about whether it is genuine or not. Among other things, fans are having extensive discussions on the 1 to 40 hours duration for ‘J&L’. While many thought that it referred to the length of the story mode in the game, it is now speculated that it has a connection with bug and glitch testing.

Whenever a blurred image or screenshot emerges, one can expect a fan or a user to come up with an upscaled version of it. A user, identifying themselves as @STG4ALWAYS, has shared an upscaled version of this particular screenshot. Apart from giving some hints about the weather dynamics in the game, it has also offered some information on Leonida, a location that seems to be modeled on Florida.

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