GTA 6 Concept Map Hints Some GTA Vice City Locations Could be Seen in the Upcoming Game

GTA 6 Map

As per the new GTA 6 concept map, the game will be revisiting some of the fan-favorite locations!

Though fans had been waiting eagerly for Rockstar Games to launch or at least show a preview of the GTA 6 map, there is not much of a chance of that happening in the near future. That, however, has not stopped the GTA community from trying to put together a GTA 6 concept map based on some of the leaked material that has come to the fore and the official GTA 6 trailer that has been released.

Now, GTA fans on Reddit have put together a concept GTA 6 map that shows several locations originally featured in GTA Vice City. As GTA fans would be aware, many locations in GTA Vice City left a lasting impression on the gamers and there is a good possibility of them now being seen in GTA 6.

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A Reddit user, identifying themselves as @EGNationnn shared a concept map of the game on the GTA 6 subreddit. This was a part of the huge mapping project which the Reddit community is working on. Apart from the information received via the official trailer and leaked material, the Redditor has also taken some of the speculative information into account.

As per the concept map, many locations from Vice City like Kelly County, Vice Beaches, Vice City International Airport, Port Gellhorn, Hamlet and South Beach will be making an appearance in GTA 6. One has, of course, seen these locations earlier in GTA Vice City. There is also a good chance of the GTA 6 map being very diverse in nature and featuring a variety of things ranging from several beaches to mountains.

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Based on the information shared by this concept GTA 6 map, a big lake would be prominently seen in Vice City’s open world. This particular lake could be Lake Leonida. Since Port Gellhorn Raceway is slated to be a part of the game, one expects GTA 6 to feature racing activities. The game should also feature an elaborate prison. The prison seems to have been designed for the player to be kept in it after committing a crime.

Since this is just a concept map, one has to be a little careful before assuming every information given out by it to be true. However, one surely needs to applaud the detailing and effort that has gone into putting it all together.

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