GTA 6 Mapping Project: Fans Get Some Idea About In-Game Through v0.043 Update

GTA 6 Map

Though the GTA 6 mapping project community has not been able to create a full-fledged map as yet, it has given fans enough information to get some idea about the landscape of the game!

The first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, released in December last year, gave one an idea about some of the locations that will be featured in the game. Rockstar Games, however, has not unveiled the map for the game yet. The gaming community and fans, of course, have been busy trying to gather material that would help them put together the map before Rockstar unveils it. These activities are undertaken by the community under the GTA 6 mapping project.

In September 2022, the infamous GTA 6 leaks happened and they shook the gaming industry. After this incident, Rockstar worked towards tightening its security and taking certain steps that would ensure no such leaks happen in the future. Leakers and insiders, however, were in no mood to slow down. Now, through the GTA 6 mapping project, they are trying to create a map. The latest version of the map, which is being referred to as v0.043, features several places or locations that had not been seen before.

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Using leaked material and information brought to the fore through the GTA 6 trailer, the community put together the State of Leonida map. It is important to note here that this has emerged out of a fan’s imagination and therefore, the original map could be very different.

According to the aforementioned image, the new Vice City map features a variety of things including cities, highways and several other landmarks. As spotted by many fans, much of the landmass is still empty. Now, those handling the GTA 6 mapping project are having discussions on the elements that should be put in this blank space.

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Though there is some time for the GTA 6 map to be unveiled, one is sure about the fact that Vice City will serve as the primary location in the game. Currently, the mapping project also features locations like Lake Leonida, Gator Keys, Ambrosia, Redhill Forest, Port Gellhorn, Homestead and Fairyland Forest.

The GTA 6 mapping project community used the leaked footage of GTA 6 to create this new version. To the delight of the fans, major highways, that were not a part of the game earlier, have now been included.

At the moment, a lot of speculations are taking place around the northern part of the State of Leonida. Many fans are of the opinion that the northern portions of the map will have a lot more landmass. In the new version, one can see three highways heading towards the north.

Since this imagery is a result of the material sourced out from the first trailer and leaks, the community cannot put together a detailed map as yet. If some relevant information comes to the fore in the near future, the GTA 6 mapping project community might work further towards completing the map.

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