Project Q: New Leak Indicates Towards Android Powering The Upcoming Handheld Device

Project Q

A new leak pertaining to Project Q by PlayStation 5 suggests that it could be driven by Android!

Project Q, the upcoming handheld gaming device by PlayStation, has been in the news for a while. If a newly emerged leak is to be believed, the device will run on the Android OS. Among other things, the leak offers information on the hardware that is being used to put together the handheld device. There is also a video that offers one a glimpse of how the device works. From the look of it, it seems to be a very early version of the menu screen of the handheld device. Therefore, there is a possibility of the Project Q menu looking different from this when it releases.

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First announced as a part of the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase, Project Q is being keenly awaited by the gaming community across the world. During the showcase, President Jim Ryan introduced everybody to this device and spoke about why it would prove to be a worthwhile investment for a gamer. Project Q, unlike the hybrid consoles offered by Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, is designed as a streaming platform that enables gamers to play PlayStation 5 games. All they need to have is Wi-Fi connection and Remote Play.

Though gamers are required to have the games already installed on PlayStation 5, this particular device comes equipped with an 8-inch wide display screen that produces high-definition visual output. A control pad, firmly attached to it, shall come with a number of buttons that are supposed to be there on a DualSense Controller. Though Sony has divulged a lot of information about this device, one gets a good idea about its appearance and features through this video leak.

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This particular came from a Twitter user who goes by the handle Zuby_Tech. In the video, one can see the Twitter user using a standard version of the Android OS on a Project Q handheld. Along with a QR code, we can see a few other options on the menu. While it might not be the final version of the handheld device, it gives gamers a good idea of what it will offer them.

The video also offers a good view of the device from different angles. Behind the device and on the top, one can see a set of four buttons. The centered holes could signify the presence of microphones. There are also speaker slots towards the upper edge.

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