GTA 6 Could Have Many Differentiating Elements From GTA 5


Ever since Rockstar Games has confirmed that it is working on developing the next game in the GTA franchise, there have been endless speculations around it.

While fans are having intense discussions around what GTA 6 would offer them, they have also been wondering how different it would be from GTA 5.

Launched in the year 2013, GTA 5 has managed to remain extremely popular over all these years. Its massive popularity is one of the reasons behind Rockstar Games continuing to work hard toward introducing new updates to the game and making it better. Though fans would expect specific improvements in GTA 6, they would also hope for some of the best features from GTA 5 to be retained.

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As per the latest reports, the number of protagonists in GTA 6 would be different from the ones you came across in GTA 5. For a while, there have been rumors about GTA 6 featuring three protagonists just like GTA 5. However, according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, there is no truth in these reports.

Schreier has categorically stated that GTA 6 will not have three protagonists. Since he is an acclaimed reporter, his statement has created quite a furor in the GTA online community and has paved the way for many more speculations in the times to come. While fans have been quite charged up by the revelation made by Schreier, they are also quite disappointed with the fact that he didn’t share any further information about it.

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While the Bloomberg reporter has confidently asserted that the upcoming game will not have three protagonists, he hasn’t offered further clarity on the number of protagonists it would have. This has, in a way, made fans very confused as they are not sure how many characters will lead GTA 6.

In the past, one had come across different kinds of rumors pertaining to the protagonists in the game. While one rumor indicated the game has a female protagonist, another set of rumors stated that a brother-sister duo will feature as the protagonists in the game.

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