GTA 6 Could Use Open-World Feature From Red Dead Redemption 2

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Fans believe that Rockstar Games incorporating this Red Dead Redemption 2 feature in GTA 6 would do wonders for the game.

Considering the fact that Grand Theft Auto 5 was launched a decade back, one has had to wait a very long time for GTA 6 to arrive. Even though we are about to enter 2024, one is not sure when we will get to try out GTA 6. Even though Rockstar Games rolled out the reveal trailer for the game a couple of days ago, the gaming studio has not shared a release date or window for the much-awaited game.

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While fans have only come across rumors and unverified information pertaining to GTA 6 till date, they have designed their own set of expectations from the game. Many fans want the game to have features they have seen in some of the other games released by Rockstar Games. A section of the fans believe that incorporating a feature from Red Dead Redemption 2 would help GTA 6 tremendously. RDR 2 has a very interesting open world and many of the structures in the game are the ones that have come up over a period of time.

While playing RDR 2, players might not noticed this but a lot of structures have come up over multiple weeks. Some of the houses constructed with wooden beams, for instance, were seen in the game and then, one saw them getting fully developed after a while. Similarly, in the railways area, one could see workers hammering the bolts and putting together tracks.

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Since there have been reports of Rockstar Games wanting the world in to look real and authentic, incorporating this particular feature in the game would be a very good idea. Many on Reddit have already been discussing the possibility of incorporating this feature in GTA 6 and the kind of difference it would make to the game.

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