GTA 6 Fan Recreates Game’s Reveal Trailer In Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 6 Wallpaper

The recreated trailer by the fan has caught the attention of fans who expect the game to be more ambitious than any of the games released in the franchise so far!

The reveal trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 made one thing very clear. In terms of visuals, the sixth installment in the GTA franchise would be much more impressive than the earlier games in the series. Rockstar Games seems to be aware of the massive expectations fans have from the game and therefore, they are leaving no stone unturned to ensure it strikes a chord with both new and older fans of the GTA franchise.

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The reveal trailer of GTA 6 has got fans excited in different ways. A fan, who identifies themselves as RavenwestR1, has recreated the trailer of GTA 6 in GTA 5. This recreated version of the trailer makes one further believe that GTA 6 will be better than the earlier games in the franchise in several aspects.

This is, however, not the first time a fan has recreated the trailer of GTA 6. A couple of weeks back, GTA Belgium, had come up with their interpretation of their trailer. RavenwestR1’s effort is more remarkable as they have stayed close to the essence of the game as put across by its official trailer. The visual dynamics of the recreated trailer have played an important role in making fans more excited about the game. In the near future, one expects fans to come up with more imaginative material revolving around GTA 6.

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Despite the first trailer being out, one has very limited information about GTA 6 at the moment. As per the rumors floating around, the much-awaited game will have a male and a female protagonist and all the action will take place in Vice City. The reveal trailer suggests at the possibility of ray tracing being used in the game. This particular technology is expected to play an important role in enhancing the visuals of the game. While Rockstar has not provided any release window for the game, the game is expected to come out in the year 2025. As per reports, the game will get a full-fledged launch on console and then, released on PC.

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