Tomarang: What The New Update By The Sims 4 Offers

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The For Rent expansion in The Sims 4 has given players the chance to see all the wonderful things the world of Tomarang has to offer!

Launched in the year 2000, The Sims has emerged as the most loved life simulation video game franchise of our times. The games in the franchise have sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. Apart from being top-selling games in its genre, these games are also a part of the list featuring the highest-selling games of all time.

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The Sims 4, the last game to have been launched as a part of the franchise, was released way back in 2014. Despite being almost a decade old, the game continues to draw in new gamers and increase its player base. One of the biggest reasons behind the game being relevant all these years is that Maxis has been releasing updates for it at regular intervals. While many updates have been released in the recent past, the newest update rolled out for the game has been rather special.

The new update, which has been titled For Rent, gives players the opportunity to explore the vibrant world of Tomarang which has been divided into two distinctive neighborhoods in the form of Morensong and Koh Sahpa. While the former is marked by a very busy vibe, the latter boasts of a very relaxed atmosphere. The team at Maxis and Electronic Arts worked very diligently towards crafting this magnificent world of Tomarang.

To create this world, the team joined forces with Sila Consulting and Jason Chu, who happens to be a much respected cultural consultant.  Chu’s cultural background is reflected quite well in the way Tomarang has been designed. While Chu comes from an ethnically Chinese family, his father grew up In Thailand. His mother, on the other hand, comes from Malaysia. The consultant, therefore, was a part of a household where one was served meals, traditions and stories belonging to the Southeast Asian culture.

One of the many elements that stand out in Tomarang is the multi-unit residential structures. Talking about them, Chu states that these structures pave the way for new relationships and heightened drama. Tomarang also features a wide range of gameplay elements, objects, traits and activities inspired by Southeast Asia. The furniture you see in the houses is also very different from the kind one has come across in the game in the past.

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Several players are quite fascinated with the presence of rice cookers as the Sims universe had never featured them in the past. Tomarang has also enabled players to go through Night Market, a place where Sims gets the opportunity to have a look at a plethora of food stalls and crafts. According to Chu, the collaboration of different minds is one of the reasons behind the world of Tomarang looking so fresh and vibrant.

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