GTA 6 Expected To Break Major Revenue Records Upon Release

gta 6

Most industry experts GTA 6 will be a smashing success as soon as it releases!

The trailer of GTA 6 garnered millions of views shortly after being dropped on YouTube. Though Rockstar Games has not given any official release date for GTA 6, one expects it to be out by 2025. Since each of the games in the GTA franchise has turned out to be extremely successful, GTA 6 is expected to register strong sales figures as well. To say that one expects it to be one of the most successful gaming titles ever would be an understatement.

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According to a report published by BBC, Dmitry Williams, who is a leading gaming expert, expects the game to break every record held by every gaming title released in the past. Apart from Williams, several other gaming experts are vouching for GTA 6’s success. Many gaming experts think that GTA 6 will earn as much as $1 billion in sales 24 hours after it is released.

Williams, in particular, has great expectations from the game. According to him, GTA has only become stronger as a brand over the years and it will enjoy the benefit of the franchise’s ever-growing popularity. Williams further stated that the gaming industry today is much bigger than most of the media and entertainment-based industries including cinema.

A report published on Statista solidifies the claims made by Williams. As per the report, the global video game market should touch $249.60 billion in terms of revenue by the year 2023. By the year 2028, as per the report, the video game industry should be worth $389.70.

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Though Rockstar Games has not released any official statement about the budget of the game, industry estimates put it at $2 billion. If these figures turn out to be accurate, the total budget of GTA 5 would be around $265 million.

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