GTA 6: Technical Issues Could Crop Up on PC When The Game Releases

GTA 6 concept maps

Gamers using a particular platform could face certain issues when they make an attempt to play GTA 6 upon its release.

At the moment, no game in development is enjoying the kind of hype and anticipation Grand Theft Auto 6 is. Though there are no signs of the game releasing in the near future and Rockstar hasn’t shared any update in the longest time, the buzz for it keeps growing with each passing day. Since a lot of games released in the recent past suffered from substantial delays, fans are worried about GTA 6 suffering from the same fate. Nevertheless, whenever the game releases a large section of gamers would want to try it out immediately.

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The technical requirements and specifications for video games have gone through a lot of changes in the last few years. The open-world games are getting more elaborate and the graphical fidelity of other games too is getting upgraded significantly. Because of these factors, modern-day video games require high-end hardware to be played on. There are certain hardware limitations associated with consoles. However, when it comes to PCs, one comes across a larger number of hardware variations. Because of this, gamers can face some issues while playing a graphic-heavy game on a particular console.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was launched on 28 April 2023 and got a positive response from all quarters for its gameplay. However, those who tried out the game on PC faced a lot of issues with its frame rate and overall performance. This led to the developers releasing a bunch of patches. The developers also advised players to use the latest hardware to get the best possible experience out of the game.

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Because of the aforementioned incidents, there is a fear among GTA fans that when GTA 6 releases on PC, there might be some issues with it. Generally speaking, adjusting or catering to PC variability has proved to be a challenge for developers in the recent past. After giving GTA 5 a release on consoles, it took Rockstar Games another year to make the game available on PC.

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