GTA 6: Fans Expect The Game To Provide Answers For Vice City

GTA vice city

For almost a decade now, GTA fans have had several questions pertaining to Vice City in their minds.

If GTA 6 is indeed set in Vice City, fans would turn to the game to get the answers to some of the questions!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which was launched in the year 2002, became immensely popular because of its depiction of the now-famous Vice City. While the game received a lot of appreciation for its thick plot, it also earned a lot of praise for opening up several possibilities for players to explore. While players have loved the way it has been designed, they have had many questions pertaining to it. Now, they expect GTA 6 to answer those questions for them.

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GTA 6 has been a hot topic of discussion in the online gaming community for a while now. While several aspects of the game get frequently discussed, the one thing fans are most curious about is the setting of the game. Several insiders have pointed towards GTA 6 being in Vice City.

Though Rockstar hasn’t shared any confirmation on the location, fans are already looking forward to witnessing Vice City in all its glory in GTA 6. If the rumors turn out to be true, fans would seek answers to many of their questions pertaining to Vice City through this game.

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The buzz surrounding GTA 6 increased manifold owing to a massive leak that occurred last year in September. Along with several screenshots and videos related to GTA 6, the leaks also offered a glimpse of an in-development build of the game. Since GTA 6 has been in the development phase for a while, one expects some of the elements, that come to the fore as a part of the leak, to be a part of the final game.

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