GTA 6: Primary Story of The Much Awaited Game Might Have Been Chalked Out

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Rockstar Games’ new job listings indicate towards steady progress of GTA 6 and the game’s main story being already written.

As per the new job listings at Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto 6’s main story might have been written and finalized already. This also signifies that the sixth iteration in the GTA franchise is getting into a new development phase. After the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, the gaming publisher took the step of channelizing most of its energies towards developing GTA 6.

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Some of the leaked material pertaining to the game that came to the fore in the past pointed at the possibility of GTA 6 being set in Vice City. Other leaked material offered a glimpse into early gameplay features of the game. While Rockstar took the necessary steps to get the leaked material off the internet, a lot of damage was done by then.

According to the job listings, Rockstar Games has plans to hire the services of a voiceover director for GTA 6 on a full time basis. This particular job requirement serves as a strong indication of the fact that the script for the game has already been fleshed out. The job listing further states that the person who is hired for the job has to join New York studio of Rockstar Games and start working immediately.

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The voiceover director will undertake the responsibility for directing talent and get a lot of work done by partnering up with the design and writing departments. They will also be responsible for reinforcing the dialogue structure of the game for the final release. They will have to help the director in finding voiceover actors for many of the characters in the game.

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Rockstar Games is also looking for a scan capture specialist who would be responsible for capturing data pertaining to the talent’s face and body. Since face and body scans are carried out the same time as processes like voice recording takes place, one can assume that a scan capture specialist, too, is required urgently.

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