Mario Kart 8 Sold Over 50 Million, Nintendo Switch Sales However Decline

Mario kart 8

Nintendo confirmed a new Switch is not happening yet but Mario Kart 8 has crossed over 50 million in sales since its launch.

It is a massive victory for the team that has been working on classic games ever since their Wii era and continue to do so even when everyone is moving towards virtual reality gaming.

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Mario Kart 8 is a mammoth success because of how easy it is to play and a family friendly game like no other. It even allow eight players if you own multiple consoles and stay connected to the internet. Such level of connectivity is impossible to achieve in a modern day title which is all about shooting, massive fights and more of a competitive edge than having actual fun while gaming. Nintendo released their game sales charts in which Mario Kart 8 has sold over 53.79 million copies.

The game even managed to sell more than 5 million in past three months which is a feat for the gaming industry that is unsure whether they should make online or local games. It is not just the game but they sell the Booster Course Pass which provides new tracks periodically to keep the game relevant. It costs another $25 over the base price of the game at $60. Over 32 new courses have been added and 16 more will be ended before the end of this year.

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Following close in second place is Animal Crossing: New Horizons at 42.21 million and Super Smash Bros Ultimate at 31.09 million. Despite all the sales, Nintendo Switch as a console is slowly falling in terms of sales. The device doesn’t offer anything new apart from a dozen first party exclusives and is not so powerful like a Steam Deck or similar devices.

Nintendo further confirmed that the new Switch Pro which is supposedly in the making will not be announced at least for a year. They recently launched the OLED edition with a bigger screen but the hardware remains the same. Mario Kart 8 or any other game for that matter may not boost console sales until they come up with powerful hardware and more futuristic games but so far Nintendo has been doing good in their usual sector.

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