GTA 6: Leaked Map Concepts From The Game Make Fans Curious About The Real Ones

GTA 6 Map

GTA 6 is in the news again, this time for the map concepts that have been leaked!

One of the most discussed elements of GTA 6 is its maps. After the September 2022 leak that created a ripple in the online GTA community, a large number of fan-made concepts came to the fore. Till date, one hasn’t really come across an official chart for the geographic area in the game. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from discussing the kind of expectations they have from the geographical representations in the game.

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On Twitter, GTA fans have shared many map concepts for GTA 6. Many of these map concepts boast of good detailing and therefore, deserve a mention. These map concepts also reflect how fans visualize the game.

According to a particular leak, the map of GTA 6 could be twice as big as the map of GTA 5. Since GTA 5 itself is known to feature a massive world, it would be interesting to see how GTA 6 scales it up further. It is, however, important to note here that seeing a bigger gaming world is not the priority for most fans.

In video game settings, bigger doesn’t necessarily promise better things. Sometimes, you come across certain geographical areas in a game that are very impressive. However, when you explore the game further, you realize not everything has been etched out on a similar scale. Lack of uniformity becomes an issue and this makes a certain section of gamers disengaged from the game.

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The aforementioned has plagued GTA 5 as well. The rural landscape in the game is much faster than in the towns. While designing a game, developers should make a conscious effort to connect the different worlds in it in a seamless manner and do justice to each of them. Even if GTA 6 has a vast world, it will not make an impression if it is not drawn out thoughtfully.

That being said, the large overworld of GTA 5 has its set of fans. These are the players who greatly appreciated all that the game offered them to explore. So, there is definitely one section of GTA 5 fans that is looking forward to an even bigger and more exciting overworld to be showcased in GTA 6.

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