GTA 6 Fans Feel The Game Will Release Sooner Than Expected

GTA 6 concept maps

Some GTA 6 fans are of the opinion that the much-awaited game is currently being tested and shall release soon.

For a very long time now, fans have been looking forward to Rockstar Games sharing some information about Grand Theft Auto 6.

It’s been close to a year since Rockstar confirmed the game being developed but one hasn’t heard anything from the gaming publisher about this. One of the most discussed aspects of GTA 6 has been its release date.

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While there has been a lot of speculation about the release date of the game in the past, fans now believe that the game is all set to be released soon. Reportedly, there has been evidence suggesting that the game is currently in functional mode. While the game is not playable at the moment, gamers have an inkling that it is being tested now.

GTA 6 News & Leaks 2.0 which happens to be a Twitter account that shares news and updates, has posted a bunch of screenshots from multiple sources. All these screenshots work towards substantiating the claim that GTA 6 is currently in an advanced development stage. Last year, a major GTA leak resulted in more than 90 videos and screenshots of the game’s build being published online. Later, the hacker who was behind this act was arrested by the UK police.

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As soon as the aforementioned material got leaked online, players realized that it was an early build of GTA 6. It also reaffirmed the belief that there was a lot of time for GTA 6 to release. However, now some players seem to have a different idea about the release date of the game. As per fans, there is a very strong chance of Rockstar releasing important footage pertaining to GTA 6 very soon.

The Twitter post actually happens to be a forum post shared by Tez2, a prominent Rockstar insider who is known to share reliable news and information on games published and owned by Rockstar. In the post, the insider has highlighted several points which indicate towards the game being readied for a launch in the near future.

Many responded to Tez2’s tweets in an enthusiastic manner. Some of them even tried decoding the meaning behind his tweet. One Twitter user stated that Tez2’s tweet confirms that some of the aspects of the game, including its content and functionality, are complete. This information also led to some fans arriving at the conclusion that Rockstar is in the process of getting the game polished and resolving some of the issues associated with it. GTA 5 will be completing ten years of its release this year. That’s another reason why some fans think Rockstar will launch GTA 6 this year.

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