The Sims 4 Base Game and Other Packs are on Sale: EA’s Black Friday

sims 4 black friday

Whether you wish to purchase the Sims 4 on PC or may switch from one platform to another, there is no better time to buy the game than Black Friday.

Electronic Arts, the publishing house behind Maxis has revealed their big sales during this time of the year where you can purchase the base game for an exciting price.

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This is possibly the time when the game gets the lowest cost on PC, Xbox and PlayStation based on whichever platform you like to enjoy your title. Besides, for hardcore Sims fans there is no better way to expand their huge collection of expansion packs, stuff packs and additional content that can be purchased for super cheap pricing. Players on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 may not have much to do this holiday season because the titles are limited to test out the prowess of these next-generation consoles. Yet, you can choose to buy some games that will automatically be made available on a new console whenever you manage to purchase it.

The Biggest Discount of them All

Before you start shopping, head out to this official Electronic Arts page where they have listed all the Black Friday deals on multiple platforms. Based on your choice, you can choose to see deals only on Origin for PC, Xbox or PlayStation. It makes the entire shopping experience much easier and make sure you drop at EA Black Friday

For PC Gamers on Origin

PC is the parent platform where everything started where you can purchase the Sims 4 for a massive 88% discount. On some other platforms, it is being sold with 75% off and the game costs just $10 where it should be extremely affordable if you are a PC gamer. It is not a demanding game and you can purchase multiple stuff packs at the same time.

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The large expansion packs except for Snowy Escape is now available with 50% off and the same goes for stuff packs too. The Game packs are being offered with 25% off and similar deals can be found on PlayStation and Xbox gamers.

Sims 4

PlayStation and Xbox Platforms

The base Sims 4 is available with 75% off while popular choices like Parenthood, Dine Out, Backyard Stuff and Outdoor Retreat can all be purchased with a solid discount of 25% off. If you are an Xbox gamer, you can get the Cats & Dogs bundle for 75% off while the Get to Work expansion pack is now 50% off making it one of the best Black Friday the Sims 4 deals to grab any platform you like to play it on.

Official page to track deals

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