GTA 6 Trailer Created With The Help of Unreal Engine 5 Gets Mixed Response

GTA 6 Developer

While a section of fans is happy with a fan-made GTA 6 trailer, there are many who aren’t too pleased with it. 

As Rockstar Games continues to withhold information pertaining to the next game in the GTA series, a new GTA 6 trailer has emerged. This has only added to the anticipation for the game which is already high among fans. While the gaming publisher has confirmed developing the game, fans are waiting for the day when it would share some important updates about the game. Some information about the release window or an official confirmation about the title of the game should be enough to curb the anxiety that fans are going through at the moment.

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A cyber-attack, which was carried out last year, gave fans some information about the much-awaited game. However, the catch is that most of that information might not be relevant by the time the game comes out. Many ideas, which are developed at the initial stages of the development of the game, are dumped after a while. With Rockstar not sharing anything about the game, fans have no option but to content themselves with the rumored information and leaks that come to the fore at regular intervals.

Recently, a fan-made trailer put together by creators TeaserPlay surfaced online. Through the trailer, the creators tried to offer a glimpse of how GTA 6 would appear to be if Unreal Engine 5 was used to create it. Apart from its advanced features, Unreal Engine 5 is known to have the kind of mechanism that helps one create extraordinary graphics.

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Though there is limited information about GTA VI at the moment, what one knows is that the game is being developed using RAGE 9. If nothing else, the trailer showcases the might of Unreal Engine 5 and how appropriate it is for developing new-age games.

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