GTA 6 Fans Have Mixed Thoughts On GTA 5 Cars Being Used In The Game

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While some fans are excited at the prospect of seeing popular cars from GTA 5 being seen in GTA 6, there are many who are not too keen on this!

It has been four months since the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6 came out. While the trailer became a huge hit upon its release, fans still continue to refer to it to get new information about the game.

A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as Kay_Sato (u/Kay_Sato), shared a thread on r/GTA6 in which they discussed reused cards and some of the other elements that were seen in the game’s trailer.

I know a lot of you hated a few mini details I noted in the liquor store, and I know a lot of you also hated seeing so many cars reused from GTA V. So what if I told you that Cousin Floyd’s couch can be seen on the garbage in GTA VI?
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A few days ago, Kay_Sato shared the aforementioned thread and spoke about cars in GTA 5 staging a comeback in GTA 6. While some fans are excited to see these vehicles coming back in the next GTA game, there are some who are not too pleased with this move.

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Unlucky-Spray278 (u/Unlucky-Spray 278) was one of the users who made their displeasure about GTA 5 cars making an appearance in GTA 6 clear. Different fans have reacted differently to this development. A large section of fans, despite not being too happy with this move, are willing to make adjustments.

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It is common knowledge that GTA 5 has emerged as one of the most successful gaming titles of all time. Given the fact that the game has a huge fanbase, there are many who don’t mind elements from GTA 5 being used or seen in newer titles.

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There are many who are happy with Rockstar Games’ decision to bring some of the GTA 5 cars in GTA 6. One such individual is a user who identifies themselves as Bully4Hirez (u/Bully4Hirez) who has stated that they would feel let down if GTA 6 does not feature a good number of cars from GTA 5.

Those who have played gaming titles offered by Rockstar Games in the past are well aware of the fact that the gaming studio likes featuring cars used in older titles in newer titles. Since the cars used in GTA 5 appealed greatly to fans, their presence should add a lot of value to GTA 6. Fans have their own favorite cars from the game. When the second trailer of GTA 6 comes out, one should expect to see GTA 5 cars prominently in it.

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