The Sims Movie: Here’s What It Could Borrow From The Game

The Sims Movie

Ever since there has been an announcement on The Sims movie, fans have been wondering whether it will be as interesting as the games in the franchise.

In the past, one has seen films and shows being made out of several popular games. The recent success of Fallout and The Last of Us has given stakeholders further confidence to work towards bringing many more games alive on the big screen as a movie or on the smaller screen as a series. When you ask hard core gaming fans, they will give you a long list of games that could be turned into live-action movies or shows.

While The Sims is a highly popular gaming franchise, not many would have imagined it to be made into a film. Maybe, a lot of people felt that The Sims does not have the kind of narrative that would make for a compelling motion picture. That being said, there were always some people around who believed that a movie based on The Sims would generate a lot of interest in the audience.

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LuckyChap, a production house, made a formal announcement in March about developing a film based on the world of The Sims. Though one has not come across too many reports suggesting all that the film could feature, fans have their own expectations of it. When a film is based on a very popular game, one expects many elements from the gaming title to be used in the film.

As a gaming franchise, The Sims has been known for featuring a mix of ordinary and bizarre elements. When somebody describes the game to another person who has never tried it out, they might not be very excited about it. This is one of those words that grips you once you start exploring it. All the games in the franchise have featured life-simulator elements that were over-the-top and extremely fun to toy around with.

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While making The Sims movie, the makers are going to face some challenges on the creative front. The game has been widely appreciated for its sense of absurdity. Showing that in a live-action film would not be that easy. The process of making a movie, anyways, is very different from putting together a game.

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