GTA 6: New Leaked Screenshot Gives An Idea About The Vastness of The Game’s Open World

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The leaked GTA 6 screenshot suggests players would get the chance to explore a good number of locations while playing the game.

Last year, in December, Rockstar Games unveiled the first official trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6. Before the launch of the trailer, fans had extensive discussions on the locations that will be a part of the game. While leakers and insiders almost confirmed the game is set against the backdrop of Vice City, several other rumors pointed at the possibility of some other locations being a part of the game. The map of GTA 6, undoubtedly, has been one of the hottest topics surrounding the game.

Given the kind of expectations fans have from GTA 6, one expects Rockstar Games to leave no stone unturned to ensure it turns out to be the biggest game in the franchise so far. Fans are keenly looking forward to seeing how the Miami-inspired Vice City is depicted in the much-awaited title. Vice City, of course, will not be the only major location that will be depicted in the game.

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A recently leaked screenshot from GTA 6 indicates that the open-world in the game is much bigger than what expects it to be. Along with Florida, GTA 6 could be covering several states surrounding the region like Georgia. Apart from showing several areas of Vice City, the map will showcase the Gator keys, lakes, mountain areas and ports. Some of the cities that will be seen in the game have not been given a name or a title yet.

If one goes by the rumors, GTA 6 will feature one of the biggest open-worlds in gaming history. A Reddit user, who is a part of the online GTA communities, stumbled upon an interesting detail in the game’s trailer.

The Reddit user was referring to a screenshot featuring Jason, one of the two protagonists in GTA 6, driving around. In the background, we can see Vice City but it’s too far away. This, in a way, gives us a hint that the map in the game will cover a huge area.

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Many fans lauded the Reddit user for spotting this. Some of the fans quickly posted comments about how they felt about this revelation. One of the fans stated how they would love to use a motorcycle to drive around the various locations to be seen in GTA 6.

This also serves as a testimony to the fact that fans and insiders are still analyzing the different elements in the trailer and trying to figure out what each of those could mean. Though there is no sign of the official map of GTA 6 being shared by Rockstar Games anytime in the near future, one can expect insiders and fans to keep sharing their observations and enlightening one about the scope of the map.

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