GTA 6 Fans Might Want THIS Feature From GTA San Andreas

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GTA 6 fans would love the integration of a feature in the upcoming game.

This is a feature that was present in GTA San Andreas and it is ‘Dynamic Body Types’.

Ever since its formation in the late ‘90s, Rockstar Games has launched more than 40 games. When a majority of games released by a gaming studio attain cult status, you always expect it to deliver quality products. Fans, therefore, have huge expectations from Grand Theft Auto 6.

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While some fans are expecting it to be the best game in the GTA franchise so far, there are many who want it to be one of the best-designed games ever.

The first trailer of GTA 6 has given fans some idea of what they should expect from it. The trailer has made it clear that the game is being mounted on a huge scale. Fans also expect the storyline to be gripping and the characters to be memorable. Fans, of course, want the game to have certain features that they have already come across in other games rolled out as a part of the franchise.

Dynamic Body Types Feature

The one game fans want Rockstar to borrow a lot of elements from and incorporate in GTA 6 is GTA San Andreas. The many unique elements one came across in GTA San Andreas made it extremely interesting. The game stood out because of several things including offering a highly customizable gaming experience to gamers. In the game, CJ, the protagonist, could gain or lose fat and muscle very easily.

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Dynamic Body Types is one feature from GTA San Andreas which fans want to be incorporated in GTA 6. Fans believe having this customizability feature in the game will make it more dynamic and fun. The characters in GTA 6 are expected to be quite interesting. The game will feature Lucia, the first-ever female protagonist in a GTA game.

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