GTA 6: Fans Want a GTA Car Feature To Be Added In The Game


A new car feature in GTA 6 is one request that many players from the GTA online community have!

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the most awaited gaming title of the present time. After Rockstar Games launched the official trailer of the game in December last year, the hype around the game has gone to another level. While the development team at Rockstar Games seems to be working diligently towards offering fans a game that lives up to the standards set by the games launched as a part of the GTA franchise, fans, too, have their own expectations from GTA 6.

At the moment, one of the things fans are demanding is a GTA car feature. The integration of this car feature would make it possible for players to put individuals in a vehicle’s back trunk. This is one of those ideas that a large number of players are in favor of being incorporated into the game. According to them, this feature would make the game a lot more interesting.

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The aforementioned GTA 6 car feature is one of the many elements that fans hope to see in the upcoming game. Being the sixth game in the GTA series, fans have a lot of expectations riding on GTA 6. While they want the game to surprise them with several new features, they also expect it to have some of the much-loved elements that were a part of the older games in the franchise.

Though a definite release date has not been specified for GTA 6, Rockstar has plans to launch it sometime in 2025. Initially, the game will get a wide release on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. The game will have two protagonists who will be seen engaging in several criminal activities.

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The game is expected to feature several elements pertaining to contemporary American culture. Along with social media, the game will offer a satirical take on influencer dynamics. With a carefully designed world and strong narrative, Rockstar offers to provide players with an immersive experience.

The whole mechanic involving putting people in a car’s back trunk was first shared by a Reddit user who identifies themselves as Free_Fig_9885. The user also compared it to another mechanic which one had tumbled upon in Red Dead Redemption 2. In Red Dead Redemption 2, this mechanic enabled players to put hogtied people on their horses’ back.

There should be the ability to put people in the back trunk of the car in GTA 6
byu/Free_Fig_9885 inGTA6

If this particular mechanic gets integrated into GTA 6, it could lead to gamers witnessing several interesting comedic moments. It would also give them the opportunity to transport NPCs in several innovative ways. Since a large number of players are in favor of this GTA car feature being integrated into the game, it would be interesting to see whether Rockstar takes this appeal seriously or not.

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