The Sims 4 Shopping Cart Button: Fans Not Too Happy With The Integration of This Feature

The Sims 4

Fans are of the opinion that Electronic Arts’ priority is developing Project Rene and that is resulting in The Sims 4 not getting enough attention!

Last week, a new update was rolled out for The Sims 4. Whenever a new update is launched, it creates a lot of excitement among fans. This time, however, fans were not too happy with what was served to them. The new Sims 4 shopping cart button, which has just been introduced in the game, has received mixed reactions from fans. This particular button has been brought into the game to create awareness around unowned game packs within the gameplay interface.

As per the details given out in the patch notes, the aforementioned feature will work towards improving user experience by providing gamers with pack offers and recommendations. While doing so, it will ensure that the gaming session is not disrupted. A large section of the fans, however, are not too impressed with this feature and want the Sims 4 shopping cart button to be removed. Some fans have said that if this button cannot be removed, it should be at least disabled.

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After the rolling out of the aforementioned update, fans on the official forums of Electronic Arts and various social media platforms expressed their dissatisfaction over the introduction of the Sims 4 shopping cart button. Most players have been unhappy about the disruptive nature of the button and believe it is imploring them to go for in-game purchases. Because of this, the game has become less enjoyable or interesting for several players. So intense has been the appeal of fans that a community manager at EA has acknowledged it.

A bunch of modders have responded to this plea by fans by putting together mods that help one eliminate the shopping cart button from the game. This incident has made it clear that the team at Sims 4 does not always launch the kind of updates that are in sync with the preferences of players.

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At a time when Electronic Arts is dealing with a bunch of issues, it would not have really wanted such a controversy to happen. The company recently laid off several employees and has been putting all its energies towards developing Project Rene, which happens to be the codename for The Sims 45. With the company rolling out this underwhelming update, fans are concerned about the future of The Sims 4 and wondering whether EA would put enough effort into enhancing the game in the near future.

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