GTA 6 File Size: Leaker Details 750GB File Size and 400 Hours of Gameplay


The recently emerged information about the file size of GTA 6 file size might leave large sections of games flustered!

In a couple of months, it will be two years since Rockstar Games first made an announcement about the next iteration in the GTA franchise being in the works. In all these months, fans would have been happy to see Rockstar sharing some information or updates about the much-awaited game. However, no such thing happened.

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Last year, the infamous gameplay leaks introduced fans to an early build of the game. This build of the game was in a premature stage and showed the kind of material and elements that might not be a part of the game by the time it is released. However, the leaked material proved to be no less than a treasure who had been waiting to get some update about GTA 6 for a long time.

In the last several months, one has heard different kinds of rumors pertaining to GTA 6. From the game being set in Vice City to $1 billion being spent on its development, one has heard it all. There have also been reports about the game featuring two playable protagonists in the form of Jason and Lucia.

A new rumor, about GTA 6 file size, that has come to the fore recently could be one of the biggest pieces of information one would have heard about the game so far. While this rumor is quite important, it could be a cause of stress for those who do not have adequate storage space on their consoles. As per a tweet posted by ‘GTA News’, a prominent GTA leaker has made claims about GTA 6 featuring a file size of 750GB and close to 400 hours of gameplay.

While 400 hours of gameplay is not an issue as long as the content is found to be engaging. However, a game having a file size of 750GB could prove to be a cause of concern for many. If the information about the file size of the game turns out to be accurate, managing the game could be a little difficult for both PC and console players.

Every console comes with its own set of configurations. The PlayStation 5, for instance, features an 825GB SSD internal hard drive. In this particular console, system files take up 158GB of space and the remaining 667GB can be used by the players. If GTA 6 actually has a file size of 750GB, PS5 users won’t be able to play it.

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Xbox Series X features an internal hard drive offering a space of 1TB SSD. While the system files take 198GB of space, players still get 802GB to use. While players would be able to install GTA 6 on this console, they wouldn’t be able to download and enjoy too many other games on it. Xbox Series comes with a 512GB SSD hard drive, so installing GTA 6 on it wouldn’t even be a possibility.

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