GTA 6 New Map Leak Confirms More Than 500 Open-World Activities In The Game

GTA 6 leak

If a recent discovery by a Twitter user is anything to go by, players will have enough activities to keep themselves engaged with in GTA 6!

While Rockstar hasn’t shared any official update about Grand Theft Auto 6 after confirming its development in early 2022, what fans are sure about is the fact that the game will offer them a lot of interesting things. GTA 6, after all, would be the sixth game in one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. With GTA 5 setting new records in sales, the excitement for GTA 6 is at another level.

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Last year, in September, a huge GTA 6 leak surfaced online which gave fans a glimpse of many of the elements that would feature in the game. However, this was an early build of GTA 6 and a lot could change by the time the game eventually releases. Since Rockstar was not sharing anything about the game, this leak at least gave fans something to chew upon.

Though it has been a while since these leaks came to the fore, fans are not done dissecting or discussing them. When the leaked gameplay material emerged initially, fans didn’t look at it with a microscopic lens but now, they are.

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A Twitter user, who goes by the handle @_Dyllie_, shared a list of activities and world events which, according to them, were discovered as a part of the GTA 6 leak. According to the list put together by the gaming enthusiast, there are 500 such events and activities. Some of the things listed here are fishing, a workout challenge, basketball, yard sales, golf and UFO animal house.

All the games in the GTA series have been known for featuring a plethora of activities and events and the information one has received about GTA 6 suggests that this game would be no different and offer players a lot to explore.

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