GTA 6 – Fresh Information Throws up a New Angle to the Delay in Release of the Game


Reddit is a platform where most fans of Grand Theft Auto pour out their feelings.

These take the form of wishful thinking or some constructive suggestion.One of the latest Reddit posts,however, has stirred up the waters a bit. This post by someone with the ID u/LoremIpsumLoremIpsu says Rockstar may delay the release GTA 6 towards the end of 2021 or early 2022. The reason for this is claimed to be the studio taking certain feedback on the other game Red Dead Redemption 2 seriously.

Highlights from the Reddit Post

The message starts with the claim that it is a “true leak” and the sources that provided the details can be identified without disclosing their names. The challenge is thrown at the Mods who may question the authenticity of these leaks.

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The important point here is that almost 70% of the GTA 6 game is done and ready at Rockstar. This does confirm some of the previous claims and can be considered to be correct. In the very next sentence, the post claims that the studio is now redoing some parts of the gameplay following the feedback received on Red Dead Redemption 2 from fans. What is the nature of the feedback and what exact changes are being made are not clear.

The only assumption here is that Rockstar would have taken away certain leeway allowed within the gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Such freedom does not exist in RDR 2 and the players may have written to Rockstar about it. If you go by the version put out by this leakster, you can make a surmise that GTA 6 was to have witnessed tightening of norms. This would have meant the same kind of retaliation from fans as it has happened with RDR 2.

GTA 6 Rockstar

Rockstar Looking at a ‘Decade Builder’

This has to be viewed in the larger perspective of the plans Rockstar has for the future of the GTA franchise. Having taken 7 years after the release of GTA 5, the studio may be keen to retain the new game for the next 10 years. There are also rumors that GTA 6 may be the penultimate version of the franchise. u/LoremIpsumLoremIpsu goes on to claim that GTA 6 will have a large content base. This is contrary to what some commentators had earlier predicted that the game may be released in a small size with DLCs being added later.

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The launch date for GTA 6 being predicted in this Reddit post is October 2021 going up to February 2022. The studio then has sufficient time to work on all those changes, complete the remaining 30% and go for the release.

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