Red Dead Redemption 2: An Unsolved Mystery in the Game  – the Third Meteorite

Red Dead Redemption Fans

Game developers build in some mysteries in their games so that the players can get more fun while playing.

It is an additional form of entertainment for the players in trying to solve these mysteries. It could be hunting a hidden treasure or any form of unraveling a mystery.

In the Red Dead Redemption 2, the meteorites have been a mystery. There are three meteorites as per the game’s development team at Rockstar Games. Two of the meteorites have so far been solved with the players locating them through the characters inside the game. The third meteorite is still eluding them.

Many Earlier Mysteries Solved

You can term the meteorite the ‘current’ mystery. Red Dead 2 has been full of mysteries and it is not even two years since the game was released by Rockstar. Some of these mysteries include Cave Giant and the aliens. With the aliens, there are stories spun around them and its not a simple straight-line mystery. Then, there was the Legendary Catfish mystery, which the players had been able to uncover.

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Some analysts have also pointed out that some of these mysteries were more by accident. This means these mystery elements were to have been part of the gameplay. The studio then decided to do away with that content. Thus, the catfish and the cave giant became mysteries overnight.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Meteorites Form Part of the Game

From that perspective, the meteorites are different. It is said they help with bringing down the temperature in the RDR2 game in spots that show excess heat. For the record, the players located the first meteorite in Roanoke Valley towards the north. The second one appeared on the north-eastern part of Fossilized man.

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There are also a lot of jokes and stories floated around some of the characters in the game and linking them to the mystery, in this case, the third meteorite. So, one theory indicates the meteorite could be in a desert, though there is no confirmation on this.

So far, the attempts by many players to track down the meteorite has not succeeded.

Fishing a Rock from a Lake and a Feeble Conversation

The latest to do the rounds is to connect this mystery of the third meteorite with a Valentine conversation. The audio is feeble and what is being said in the conversation is barely audible. What has been constructed is that a rock has been fished from a lake by someone’s daughter. Subsequent attempts at locating this woman and finding out more have also not yielded anything conclusive.

Players will keep trying to solve this mystery too.

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