Will Elder Scrolls 6 Ever Come to PS5? Xbox Game Pass Launch Confirmed!

The Elder Scrolls 6

Bethesda is a huge game publisher and developer that owned some of the biggest titles like Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield and Doom series.

When Microsoft purchased the company, it was obvious that Xbox Game Pass will make use of its popularity and launch these huge games on its subscription service for free. But, is there a possibility for these games to ever be available on the PlayStation 5 console?

When news broke that Xbox now owns Bethesda and all of its game franchises like Fallout, Sony’s PS5 fanboys strongly spoke out. They claimed that they don’t really need any of these third-party games because they have all the exclusives they need. However, the business scenario is entirely different because a console cannot single-handedly survive with a bunch of exclusive games. Nintendo, the biggest gaming mammoth had to come down to the point where they willingly bring in all third party games on their Nintendo Switch console.

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PlayStation 5 or any PS for that matter cannot survive alone with exclusives because the main selling point is that players can enjoy all games along with some unique ones. From a business standpoint and as Phil Spencer confirmed, Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield will get launched on the Sony console. It may be a timed exclusive on Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox Series X in the beginning but not a permanent exclusive.

Xbox Game Pass new titles

PC Gamer’s and PS5 Owners Perspective

A lot of PlayStation owners often claim that they have a high-end gaming PC on which they can play all Microsoft exclusives. There are many PC gamers as well who could possibly take advantage of the $10 Xbox Game Pass on the Windows Platform. It will enable them to easily download the games on launch day, play it within a month and unsubscribe once they are done. They can also choose to continue and maintain the subscription if they find it of good value.

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While the competition is fierce on the PC platform with Steam, Epic launcher, Humble Bundles and now Xbox Game Pass, the scenario is much cleaner in Xbox Series X. PlayStation 5 owners will eventually get the game when it is available due to business reasons. However, everyone who owns a Game Pass will be able to play the title on day one without having to spend $70, as video games are becoming more expensive in this new decade. It is to be seen how Sony handles the subscription models for their own games in the near future.

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