GTA 6: Here’s How The Budget of GTA 6 Compares To That of GTA 5

New GTA 6 leak

While Rockstar Games spent quite a bit of money to develop GTA 5, the amount of money being invested in GTA 6 is much higher!

A while back, leakers stated that the Grand Theft Auto 6 is being made at a massive budget of $1 billion. While fans were, quite naturally, happy to get this piece of information, it also sent shockwaves in the industry. If the news about the much-awaited GTA title being mounted on a $1 budget turned out to be true, it would become one of the most expensive games of all time.

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After this information got leaked, many fans started wondering what was the budget of GTA 5. The fifth iteration in the GTA franchise will be completing ten years of its release this year. Despite being a game boasting of a lavish scale, the budget of GTA 5 was much lower as compared to GTA 6. GTA 5 went on to become one of the most successful games of all time and with the kind of budget GTA 6 has, fans expect Rockstar Games to not leave any stone unturned to make it the best game to have come out of the franchise.

GTA 5 was developed at a budget of $265 million which is quite huge but pales in comparison to GTA 6’s budget. While the $1 billion figure has been going around for a while, there have been some who have stated that by the time GTA releases, Rockstar would have spent $2 billion on it.

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Arion Kurtaj, a prominent GTA 6 leaker, has stated that Rockstar has been working on the development process of GTA 6 since the year 2014 and has already spent close to $2 billion on it. If Kurtaj’s claims turn out to be accurate, GTA 6 would become the most expensive title in gaming history. The amount of time, undoubtedly, has contributed greatly towards the game having such a high budget.

While Rockstar hasn’t shared any details about the budget of GTA 5 from its end, many publications based in America have confidently asserted that the game was developed at a budget of $265 million. Rockstar spent more towards developing the multiplayer version of the game. However, even if we take that into account, the budget of GTA 5 does not reach anywhere close to the rumored budget of GTA 6.

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