GTA 6 New Leaked Footage Substantiates Rumors About Game’s Setting

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Those who had been wishing to see Vice City in GTA 6 might just see their wish getting fulfilled!

Since the last couple of days, a lot of footage from Grand Theft Auto 6, most of which came to the fore during the infamous September 2022 leak, is being widely discussed by fans. One of the leaked GTA 6 footage, which has been unearthed and analyzed recently, has sparked off discussions about the primary location or setting of the game all over again.

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The world map of GTA 6 has fascinated fans for a long time. There have been reports about Rockstar Games working towards expanding it regularly. Apart from Vice City, the reports state, the map will feature a bunch of ‘additional areas’. Some of the earlier games in the franchise, including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, featured a plethora of cities that one could go to simply by walking through bridges connecting one to different islands. Many fans were of the opinion that GTA 6 would follow a similar approach.

It has almost been confirmed that Vic City will be one of the main locations in GTA 6. A recent gameplay leak offered a very brief glimpse of Vice City and that has got fans excited. More than anything, it has almost validated the claims of those who have been saying all this while that Vice City will serve as the primary setting in GTA 6.

The leak (which is now deleted on Twitter), which has come through a Twitter user named RockstarGTAVI, featured the main character having a good look at the interiors of a vehicle. Through the in-game camera, one could see a distinctive building in the background with Vice City’s name on it. At the moment, however, there is no clarity on the number of cities that will feature in the game.

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Though there has been no official confirmation about the release date of GTA 6 yet, Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive has hinted at the game getting a release in 2025. If that’s the release window planned for the game, one could expect its first look to be out to be out by the end of this year or early next year.

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