GTA 6: Police Chase Sequence From The Game Surfaces Online


A  freshly leaked footage from GTA 6 features cops engaging in a chase!

The excitement and anticipation for Grand Theft Auto 6 has got stronger with time. Last year, in February, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on the next iteration of the GTA franchise. Though the title of the game has not been confirmed as yet, it is almost certain that it will be called GTA 6.

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At this point, even the smallest of news or information about GTA 6 gets fans excited. During such times, when footage from the game gets leaked, it creates a splash in the gaming community. Recently leaked footage from the much-anticipated game features police chases along with nightclubs and other material that had not come to the fore yet.

In the video, one can see a player being chased around by the police. Recently, leakers had asserted that the police that will be shown in GTA 6 will be an upgraded version of the police one had come across in GTA 5. Since this overhauled police is expected to be more alert and responsive, players would find the process of dealing with them more challenging.

Many GTA 5 players had complained about how the police was portrayed or designed in the game. Many a times, one would see the police appearing out of nowhere and this would make the players feeling flustered.

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Though there has been no official confirmation about the police force getting upgraded in GTA 6, this leaked footage has given players some idea how the police will be fleshed out in the game. Considering the fact that the game is still being developed, there is a possibility of this chase sequence not being a part of the final release. However, players shouldn’t be surprised if it does make it to the final cut.

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