GTA 6 Insider Claims Game Will Release In Spring 2025

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GTA 6 Insider Tez2 believes Rockstar Games has some big plans up its sleeve for the release of the game!

Right now, the one thing everybody in the gaming community wants to know is when the sixth iteration of the GTA franchise will be released. While one has come across a plethora of leaks and rumored information about Grand Theft Auto 6, there have been contradictory reports about the game’s release date.

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While some gaming experts game have claimed that GTA 6 will see the light of day In 2025, many have been of the firm opinion that the game will see a launch for itself next year. When it comes to sharing inside information about GTA games, Tez2 is one insider who has always been ahead of others. Recently, a fan on GTAForums asked whether GTA 6 will be released before 2024 comes to an end. Replying to this query, Tez2 stated that the game should come out in Spring 2025.


As the aforementioned screenshot makes it evident, Tez2 has given some insight into the release date of GTA 6. The insider, who seems to be quite sure about their analysis, believes that Spring 2025 is when fans will get to experience GTA 6. The insider, however, spoke about the release pattern of the older games released in the GTA franchise so far and stated that there is an outside chance of the game getting delayed to Fall 2025.

Apart from the release date of GTA 6, fans have also been wondering when it will be formally announced. Last year, Rockstar Games did confirm that the next game in the GTA franchise is being developed. However, till now, it has not even confirmed the title of the game. Tez2 has a theory for fans who want to know about the announcement date as well.

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As per the insider, the announcement date for GTA 6 should coincide with Rockstar celebrating its anniversary. The gaming studio, which started operations in the year 1998, will complete 25 years of its existence in December this year. GTA 6 Insider Tez2 believes that a formal announcement about GTA 6, Rockstar’s biggest property to date, will be made somewhere around late November and early December.

Tez2 has also shared his thoughts on the kind of content Rockstar would offer fans through its current titles. According to the insider, the GTA Heist Month would be more “V-themed”. He also expects the gaming studio to provide fans with a plethora of anniversary clothing throughout this month.

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