GTA 6: Key Elements Fans Expect To See In The Much-Awaited Game

GTA 6 Wallpaper

While Rockstar Games is working hard on putting a good game together, GTA fans have their own expectations from GTA 6 as well!

The entire gaming community is looking forward to the release of GTA 6. The much-awaited title, whose first official trailer was released by Rockstar Games in December last year, is expected to be the biggest and the most exciting game to have been released as a part of the GTA franchise. It has been more than a decade since GTA 5, the last game in the GTA franchise, came out. Though GTA 5 has been recognized as one of the highest-selling games ever, fans have a fresh set of expectations from the next iteration of the game.

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Rockstar Games has not unveiled the radio stations for GTA 6 yet. However, fans have already made up their mind on the kind of music they would want to play in the game. One of the most requested tracks for GTA is Blinding Lights by the popular Canadian singer The Weeknd.

Some of the other popular songs which fans want to hear in GTA 6 are Miami by Will Smith and Africa by Toto. Though the official trailer of GTA 6 did not feature these songs, one did hear a bit of Love Is a Long Road by Tom Petty.

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The gaming community, or at least a big part of it, could never warm up to concepts like the pay-to-win system. Rockstar Games has implemented this system in Shark Cards and GTA+ subscriptions in GTA Online.

If one goes through some of the discussions taking place in the online community forums, fans are not too keen on coming across this system in GTA 6 as it tends to be biased towards players who are in possession of a lot of cash. Fans hope to witness a gameplay experience that is balanced, fair and rewarding in equal measure.

Fans of GTA 5 often requested for single-player updates to be rolled out to the game. The infamous GTA 5 source code leak disclosed the fact that the gaming studio canceled 7-8 single-player DLCs that were being designed for the game at one point in time. As far as GTA 6 is concerned, the majority of the fans are interested in seeing post-release story expansions.

An important demand put across by fans is to include an elaborate map that gives them the opportunity to explore a lot of interesting locations. Since the last 10 years, players have been moving across the San Andreas map put up in the game. In 2020, Rockstar included the Cayo Perico Island in the map but that didn’t do much for the game. Because of this, players really wish for the GTA 6 map to be a lot more diverse and elaborate.

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