Call of Duty 2025: No Main Developer Might Have Been Assigned To The Game Yet

Call of Duty warzone

With the Call of Duty game slated to release in the final months of 2025, the development process should have started much earlier.

Call of Duty 2025, needless to say, is the most awaited game for the fans of the franchise. Though the game is still in the early stages of development and no release date has been specified as yet, rumors suggest it could be launched in the month of October or November next year. While the game has been in the news for some time, recent reports suggest that no main developer has been assigned to it till now. If true, this is quite alarming as the game is eyeing for a 2025 release.

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A report published by a leading publication in the month of November stated that Activision did not set aside a lot of time for the development process of Modern Warfare 3 and because of that, Sledgehammer Games got only 16 months to put together the game. Perhaps, this was the reason why the single player and multi-player modes of the game were greatly driven by maps. Sledgehammer, however, denied these reports and stated that the gaming studio spent several years to put together Modern Warfare 3.

Tom Henderson, who has been a very reliable insider, has claimed that Call of Duty 2025 does not have a main developer yet. Despite the game just being 18-20 months away from its release, the gaming studio has not finalized a main developer yet. As per the insider, the game was supposed to be developed by Sledgehammer but the studio got busy with the development process of Modern Warfare 3.

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The insider further stated that High Moon Studios was almost given the task of developing Call of Duty 2025. However, it seems that the development process of the game will be undertaken by Treyarch. If no main developer is working on the game at the moment, Treyarch would have very little time to put everything together and ensure that Call of Duty 2025 makes it to the stores before 2025 comes to an end. Interestingly, the insider had earlier stated that Infinity Ward has been given the responsibility to develop Call of Duty 2026.

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