GTA 6 Leak: Gameplay Elements Fans Can Expect to Come Across in the Game


While Rockstar Games has not shared too many updates about the game, some new GTA 6 leak or the other has been surfacing to keep the discussions around the game going!

Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to hit the stores sometime in 2025. The next installment in the GTA franchise will be launched more than a decade after the last game in the franchise was dropped. Given the fact that we are in early 2024, fans still have to wait for a long time to try out GTA 6. As they wait for the game, fans are discussing all that it could possibly offer. While various leaks have given one a fair idea of what to expect, one new GTA 6 leak that has emerged online now is regarding the gameplay element.

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Last month, Rockstar Games released the first trailer of GTA 6. While the trailer offered a glimpse of the world the game is set in, there are many questions that remain unanswered. Rockstar continues to be secretive about the game and that has made fans curious and anxious in equal measure. Fans are relying on GTA leaks, which have taken place in the past, to decode or make a prediction about the element that will be a part of GTA 6.

One of the most interesting gameplay elements that one can expect to see in GTA 6 is hacking. There have been reports of Rockstar incorporating some of the hacking-based features found in Watch Dogs in GTA 6. A particular leak by an insider suggested that Lucia, the female protagonist in the game, would be equipped with devices like Immobilizer Bypass, Tarcker Jammer, Auto Dialer and USB Drive, among others.

While GTA 6 will feature Vice City, there have been rumors about this fictional city being one of the many locations that will be explored in the game. Vice City, from what the GTA 6 leaks suggest, will only be seen sporadically in the game. Rockstar seems to have plans to roll out DLCs at regular intervals and keep adding new cities and locations to the game with time. There is a good possibility of Liberty City and Los Santos, cities featured in other GTA games, being a part of GTA 6.

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Social media has become a huge part of most people’s lives today. This seems to be the reason why Rockstar has decided to incorporate digital media elements in the game. As per reports, the social media feature in GTA 6 would enable players to record their activities and upload those clips online as well. Real-time reporting of events or incidents is another feature the game would come equipped with.

There have also been strong rumors about GTA 6 featuring next-generation mechanics that one has not witnessed in a video game in the past. There is a possibility of some features from Red Dead Redemption 2 being included in GTA 6. According to the reports, both the protagonists in the game will be moving around with loot bags which they will use to put cash and consumables.

Fans are excited at the possibility of a witness and police recognition system being included in the game. Rockstar also seems to have plans to make GTA 6 much more interactive than the earlier games in the franchise. According to another possible GTA 6 leak, the game will feature buildings that players will also be enter and interact with.

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