The Sims 4 Medieval Castle DLC Gets Leaked

Sims 4 castle estate kit

The Sims 4 Medieval Castle DLC seems to have accidentally leaked on the EA app and the gaming studio has not addressed it yet.

Ever since it was launched around a decade back, The Sims 4 has managed to build a solid player base for itself with time. The game, which has been developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, has become popular with players of all age groups because of a variety of reasons. While its casual tonality has worked for most players, many have also appreciated the many unique components it has offered them like the home builder.

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The Sims 4 has also grown over the years as it gave players the chance to voice out their opinions and share their thoughts on how they would want to see the game evolve. Last year, Electronic Arts asked players to vote and choose between a High Tech Futurism and Medieval Castle DLC. While there was some time for the Medieval Castle Pack to arrive, it has come a little early owing to a leak that took place accidentally on the EA app.

As per the listing, this pack is referred to as the ‘Castle Estate Kit’. There are two screenshots. While one screenshot features a huge gleaming grey castle, the second one offers a glimpse of a castle that has a gothic vibe to it and is designed in black and grey hues. In the second screenshot, one can also see a couple standing on the balcony alongside the statues of knights.

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Since the page went live all of a sudden without any announcement, one expects an official launch to come through soon. If an individual has EA Play, the Sims 4 Medieval Castle DLC will cost them £4.49. If somebody does not have a subscription to the app, they will have to pay £4.99. Though EA has not shared any updates, there is a good possibility of the two DLCs getting an official launch together.

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