GTA 6 Leak Gives An Idea About Potential Side Activities In The Game

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GTA fans who had been wondering about the number and kind of side activities in the game might find the recent GTA 6 leak pertaining to the game to be quite useful.

This has been the season of Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks. A recent leak updates fans about the number of side activities the much-anticipated game could have. If the information offered by the way of this leak turns out to be accurate, players will get to choose from a plethora of side activities in the game.

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These leaks, to be fair, do not offer fresh information. These are a part of the GTA 6 files that got leaked last year. However, since the leak was huge in scale, several elements from it continue to come to the fore and be discovered or rediscovered.

While the leak was discovered in October 2022, many of the aspects pertaining to it are now being discussed on Reddit and other platforms. According to a tweet posted by a gaming content creator, the leak features a large amount of footage that consists of more than 500 world events, easter eggs and side activities. Some of the world events, which have emerged as a part of the leak, are spread across multiple locations.

If we take into account the number of world events, easter eggs and side activities found in Red Dead Redemption 2, the aforementioned number is not huge. However, you don’t come across as many elements in an open-world game. Some of the side activities that this leak implores one to look forward to our warhouse torture, backyard wrestling, music video, Bonnie & Clyde mystery, music video, satanic houses, basketball and fishing.

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Though most players would want to have endless options when it comes to trying side activities in GTA 6, one needs to be a little cautious while processing the information that has come to the fore through this leak. During the development process of a game, content tends to get reshuffled or edited out at different stages. Even if the development team of GTA 6 has decided to include certain activities in the game at this point, there is always a good chance of them revising their plans.

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