Pokemon GO: Players Not Happy With Changes Announced For Remote Raid Feature

Pokemon Go

As soon as developer Niantic made an announcement about important changes being made to the Remote Raid feature in Pokemon GO, players expressed their displeasure over it.

Pokemon GO players have expressed their unhappiness over some changes that will be made to the Remote Raid functionality of the game next month. These changes were announced recently by developer Niantic. Recently, the game was in the news for the Let’s Go event that enables players to get their hands on some Pokemon that were region locked earlier.

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Pokemon GO, which was launched in the year 2016, gives players the chance to capture Pokemon using their mobile device and a GPS signal. When the game got an official launch, players discovered some bugs in it that affected the gameplay to a certain extent. Despite this, the game managed to find widespread acceptance and became popular in very little time. When the Covid-19 induced lockdown happened, Nientic made some changes to the game as players were not able to venture outside now. Among other things, players now had the opportunity to participate in Pokemon GO raids remotely.

Though the aforementioned change was received well by most players, Niantic has now decided to alter it again to ensure players get the opportunity to play the game optimally in an outdoor location. The Pokemon Go team, through the game’s official Twitter account, made an announcement about the pricing of the Remote Raid Passes getting hiked up. The team also announced that players will not have the chance to engage in more than five Remote Raids in a single day. Players will now also receive a higher amount of Candy XL for participating in raids.

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Justifying their decision to implement these changes, Niantic stated that they had to step up as the passes had started dominating the Pokemon GO experience in a way that they did not want it to. The changes, Niantic stated, were very important for the game in the long run. A large number of Pokemon GO players, however, have not been too happy with these changes. This is something that is evident from the comments posted on Twitter.

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