GTA 6 Release Date Could be Pushed to 2026; Here’s Why!


The delay in the development process might lead to GTA 6 releasing a little later than originally planned and it could extend till 2026!

After the launch of the first official trailer of GTA 6 in December 2023, the excitement around the game has gone to another level. While it was the most anticipated game of the current times, the striking visuals and the promise of an immersive gameplay offered by the trailer have made fans look forward to GTA 6 with a lot more excitement.

Once the trailer dropped, the one question that was running through everybody’s mind was when Rockstar Games would release GTA 6. While the gaming studio has not confirmed a release date for the game, it has been said that GTA 6 will drop sometime in 2025. Given the fact that fans have been waiting for GTA 6 to arrive for the last several years, waiting for one more year would not have been too difficult. However, now there is a possibility of GTA 6 arriving in 2026.

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For a while, Rockstar had allowed most of the members, who were a part of the development team of GTA 6, to work remotely. However, recently Rockstar asked them to come back and work from the office. The reason behind this move, perhaps, is the fact that Rockstar wanted to make sure information pertaining to the development of the game does not get leaked out.

While Rockstar has its reasons to get employees to follow the five-day work plan, many in the workforce are not too happy with this move. Employees had gotten comfortable with the idea of working remotely and therefore, were not too happy when they were called back to report and work from the office.

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Jenn Kolbe, who serves as the Head of Publishing at Rockstar Games, justified this move further by stating that GTA 6 has entered the final stage of development and at this point, the company needs its employees to be extremely focused and exhibit a higher sense of productivity. Working remotely, the management believes, will not yield the same results as working from the office will.

Since the development process has already been delayed quite a bit, gaming experts are of the opinion that 2026 is the year when fans will finally get to play GTA 6. However, some people also feel that Rockstar would be able to meet its earlier deadline of launching GTA 6 in 2025 as employees are back to work from the office.

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