GTA 6: Leaked Nightclub Footage Appears Online

GTA 6 Developer

Leaked footage from the sixth iteration of the GTA franchise has given fans a glimpse of a nightclub featuring in the game!

It would be an understatement to say that Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games of present times. Grand Theft Auto 5 was launched almost a decade ago and fans had been waiting for a new game in the franchise for quite a while. What has greatly contributed to raising the excitement for the game is the limited information available on it. After confirming that it is working on the next iteration in the GTA franchise, Rockstar Games hasn’t really shared any important update about the game.

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Now, leaked footage from the much-anticipated GTA 6 game has offered a glimpse into one of the nightclubs in it. While an official reveal of GTA 6 is yet to happen, such leaks are enough to make those fans happy who had been waiting anxiously to get some details on the game.

The aforementioned footage has been leaked by a Twitter user named Rockstar GTAVI who uploaded a short clip featuring a character from the game. In the clip, one can see the character moving around a crowded nightclub and keenly listening to NPC conversations. There is movement and life in the video which players have taken note of.

Though the visuals aren’t that impressive, one assumes these are not the final visuals as Rockstar is still working on the game. This footage, perhaps, is from an unfinished build of the game and the nightclub, in all probability, will register a stronger impression when one sees it as a part of the game.

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The leaked footage provided gamers a lot of interesting elements to ponder upon. One can see a bunch of NPCs moving around the club and a few others talking to each other. Though one is not sure about the kind of role this nightclub will play in the game, it has definitely brought some joy into the lives of those who had been wanting to hear something about GTA 6.

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