GTA 6 Leaks: Fans Are Worried About Another Leak Taking Place

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Fans are requesting Rockstar Games to implement security measures to control these GTA 6 leaks!

With Rockstar Games making a conscious effort towards withholding information on Grand Theft Auto 6, leakers and rumors have been on an overdrive sharing unverified information and material. The infamous September 2022 GTA 6 leaks offered a glimpse into the early build of the game. After launching the first official trailer of GTA 6 in December last year, Rockstar has again gone quiet on the game. This has given leakers and insiders the scope to feed more information to fans.

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In the absence of official updates, many fans keep looking forward to the leaks. However, there is a large section of fans who believe in ethical means and do not want material or information from the game to be leaked out. They would rather wait for Rockstar Games to share official updates about the game as and when they wish to.

As per a report published by eminent journalist Jason Schreier, Rockstar Games has asked most of its employees to work from the office so that no information about GTA 6 gets leaked in the future. After so many leaks took place, the gaming studio was compelled to take some steps to ensure such incidents do not get repeated in the future.

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An X user, operating from the handle @that1detectiv3, recently pointed out that several important details pertaining to the first GTA 6 trailer were revealed by leakers much before it first came out. Leaks are not new to the franchise. As stated by another X user (@NikTekOfficial), the gameplay of GTA 5 got leaked just a couple of days before the game was launched officially in September 2013.

The primary reason behind Rockstar Games being selective about sharing information on GTA 6 is that it wants the fans to experience every element related to the game once it is launched. Being one of the most anticipated games of all time, Rockstar is well aware of the huge expectations associated with it. With all the games in the franchise turning out to be massively successful, fans expect GTA 6 to deliver on several fronts as well.

When these leaks happen, not only does the gaming studio get fluttered, but it affects fans as well. This can be gauged by the fact that several fans, on different social media platforms, are urging Rockstar to take some measures to ensure such leaks do not happen in the future.

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