New GTA 6 Leak Indicates Return of a Feature From San Andreas


Every now and then, there are new GTA 6 leaks doing the rounds online. As per an observant fan, an image from the 2022 leaks suggests that the much-awaited game would feature gyms.

While a launch window of 2025 has been marked out for Grand Theft Auto 6, one is not sure when the game will finally be released. Fans can seek solace in the fact that with time passing by, they are getting closer to trying out the game. After the launch of the first trailer of the game in December, the excitement around the game has increased manifold and that might put some additional pressure on Rockstar Games which is already working very hard towards giving a final shape to the game.

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While the game is several months away from its release, fans are constantly having discussions on the kind of features it could arrive with. Recently, a GTA fan used a bunch of satellite maps to put together an image representing the kind of map GTA 6 could potentially feature. Another enthusiastic fan traced the strip club featured in the trailer in an attempt to build a connection between real-life elements and ones that one saw in the trailer.

Though Rockstar has officially launched the first trailer of GTA 6, one does not expect the gaming studio to share any updates or content related to the game in the near future. Leaks, however, helped fans build their expectations around the game. As per a new leak, a popular feature from San Andreas will be a part of GTA 6.

The infamous GTA 6 leak, which took place in September 2022, was a severe cyber attack that exposed fans to an early build of the game. Along with a bunch of screenshots and source code, the leak brought a plethora of development footage to the fore. While it has been a while since this infamous leak took place, fans continue to arrive at fresh information or revelations based on it.

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A Redditor, who identifies themselves as Papaya9274, claimed that GTA 6 will feature gyms. The Redditor stumbled upon a leaked sketch that features an individual with regular-sized arms standing next to a beefed-up version of them. This imagery led the Redditor to believe that GTA 6, just like GTA San Andreas, would have gyms.

As stated earlier, the leaks featured an early build of the game. While there could be some truth in what the Redditor is saying here but one cannot be sure as yet. This does not really serve as solid evidence of the fact that gyms would be making a comeback in the game. However, if it does happen, it will make a lot of fans happy.

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