New GTA 6 Leaks and Speculated Release Date Timeframe

GTA 6 updates, arriving quite regularly, are helping to keep the buzz around the game alive!

While it has been confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released sometime in 2025, Rockstar Games has not specified a release date for the game yet. Despite this, GTA 6 remains the most awaited game of our times. The first official trailer, which was launched in December last year, received a very good response from the fans. While it increased the hype around the game, it also led to fans asking for GTA 6 updates with much more enthusiasm.

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Till now, fans have largely built their expectations around the game from all the leaked material and rumors that came their way. The trailer, of course, gave them an idea about the scale of the game. Cumulatively, the leaks and the trailer have given fans enough fodder to draw an image of the map in their heads.

Recently, X user @GTAVInewz shared an image on the platform which happens to be their version of the GTA 6 map. The X user put together this map with the help of the information they had sourced out from recent leaks and the trailer. Many fans have shared their appreciation for this image and stated that the real map would not be too different from this.

Given the fact that GTA 6 is the next entry in one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time, fans have several expectations pertaining to the features and controls that should be a part of the game. While the trailer has given an indication of the features that could be seen in the game, fans have their own wishlist as well.

Recently, an X user shared a clip from the trailer. Slow-motion effect was added to this clip. Through this clip, the user exemplified that gamers will get to see mirror reflections prominently in the game. Several other interesting GTA 6 updates have come to the fore recently. While one waits for them to be confirmed, one is quite certain that all this information will keep the fans occupied till the time the game arrives.

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While the trailer has shown some of the elements in the game, some fans believe that many of these elements might not be a part of the final game. In the past, there have been instances of gaming studios incorporating certain features or elements in the trailer of a game but not retaining them in the game. Since GTA 6 is still in the development phase, there is a possibility of Rockstar adding and removing several things.

Fans got quite excited when an X user named @JokerFromGTAVI shared a screenshot of leaked gameplay from GTA 6.  This particular screenshot features a player regulating the movements of a character who is at the helm of the wheel of a red sports car. While the image looks blurred, it contains enough information to get the fans curious. In the days to come, fans can look forward to a lot more GTA 6 updates from leakers and insiders.

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