The Sims 4: Players Are Being Given Backyard Stuff DLC Pack For Free

The Sims 4 dlc

The Backyard Stuff DLC, which has been around since 2016, is a favorite amongst the fans of the game!

Launched in the year 2014, The Sims 4 has emerged as one of the most popular social simulation games of all time. One of the things that has played a part in propelling the popularity of this game forward is the introduction of DLC packs at regular intervals. At the moment, players are being offered the Backyard Stuff DLC for free.

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On many occasions, Electronic Arts has given away some of these DLC packs for free. In the recent past, many of the DLC packs in the game have been offered at a 100% discounted rate. Needless to say, whenever these DLC packs are offered at zero cost, fans jump on them.

Ever since the game was released, as many as 15 expansions and 60 DLC packs have been rolled out by EA and Maxis. While a price tag is attached to most of these DLC packs and expansions, they are given away for free at times.

The Backyard Stuff DLC, which is being offered for free, is available to be downloaded on all platforms. Apart from the Epic Games Store and Steam, this DLC can claimed for free from the EA app as well. If you play The Sims 4 on a PlayStation or Xbox device, you can get your hands on the DLC from the storefronts of the console.

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While EA has not offered any statement on the amount of time this promotion will be live, one gets some clarification on it upon visiting the Microsoft Store page of the pack. As per the information given on the page, this discount will expire on April 13. Fans, therefore, have quite a good amount of time to stake their claim on this DLC.

The regular price of the Backyard Stuff DLC is $9.99. Most of the DLCs in the game, as fans would know, are priced higher than this. Those who have used this DLC would vouch for the fact that it offers a lot of value. Along with 40 Build Mode furniture items, this DLC also allows players to choose from 25 different cosmetic products. Some of the other items that come as a part of this DLC pack are drink trays, water slides, floral arrangements, a sun rug, chairs, outdoor tables and garden decorations.

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The DLC has had a casual party theme to it. When you keep this in mind, you get a fair idea of what to expect from it. A lot of players find the clothing items and hairstyles offered by the pack to be quite amusing. This DLC was launched in July 2016 and since then, its price has never gone down below $6.99 on consoles and $4.99 on PC.

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